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After-image of Darkness 闇の残像

Photo credit/ Kichiro Okamura​

Photo credit/ Kichiro Okamura​

Most creatures present on the earth livein the sunlight.

In such an ecosystem, Black snow fell in 2011.

It is said to be caused by the occurrence of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.


Children have restricted from playing outdoors. And they have lost the land and livestock that they inherited.


 I think that it is important to cast the dignity of life and to hand down the facts of human disasters. 

 So I made “ The After Image of Darkness ”.


The color black recalls me that sadness, death and the truth cannot be seen.




私は ”黒” という色に、悲しみ、死、闇のイメージを抱く。


Material/ Glass

Technique/ Kilnwork, Coldwork (carving, polishing)

Size/ D38×W32.5×H24.5 cm

​Year/ 2014

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