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Weaving  Life 2021  息を織る2021

Weaving a Life.jpg

Title/ Weaving  Life -April 2021

​    息を織る -April 2021

Material/ Glass, mino-washi,  pin, wood panel, acrylic frame, etc.


Technique/ Lamp work, engraving, glued, UVprint


Size/ W74.0 ×D11.0 ×H74.0 cm

​Year/ 2021

In recent years I have started to view glass as a medium for recording, and begun exploring ways to document vestiges of life, and disappearing landscapes and customs.

"Weaving Life" has its origins in the daily blowing of spheres of glass, and photographing of landscapes spread before me.

The traces of my breath, endowed with visual form, and rich and diverse working of nature join a document of myself with feet on this land, perhaps encouraging observations on the great hardiness of that land.







detail/ Weaving of Life -April 2021

​      息を織る -April 2021

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