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Weaving  Life 2021  息を織る2021

Weaving a Life.jpg

Title/ Weaving  Life -April 2021

​    息を織る -April 2021

Material/ Glass, mino-washi,  pin, wood panel, acrylic frame, etc.


Technique/ Lamp work, engraving, glued, UVprint


Size/ W74.0 ×D11.0 ×H74.0 cm

​Year/ 2021

​Award/ 国際ガラス展金沢・奨励賞

I attempted to visualize the changes in my surroundings and the new perspectives that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Weaving Life" , began with the idea of leaving a record of my own life (traces of breath) after I became ill in 2014, and after a short hiatus, I resumed production in 2021, triggered by the pandemic. At the same time, while my daily life was being restricted, I was moved by the unchanging scenes of nature and began taking photographs of the landscapes around my home.

Through the accumulation of these actions, I felt myself being kept alive by the land, and completed “Weaving Life – April 2021,” consisting of a glass ball with my breath breathed into it and landscape photographs.
The glass balls are inscribed with the date of the day they were blown, and the numbers on the canvas are the coordinates of the location where the photos were taken.







detail/ Weaving of Life -April 2021

​      息を織る -April 2021

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