The Impression -that never leaves. 


Material/ Glass, Salt

Technique/ Hotwork, Coldwork (carving), Fire polishing

Size/ D300 ×W300 ×H5.7 cm

​Year/ 2013

Exhibitions/ Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center, Aichi (2013)


Material/ Glass

Technique/ Hotwork, Kilnworl, Coldwork (carving)

Size/ D30 ×W63 ×H7 cm

​Year/ 2007

Material/ Glass, Iron

Technique/ Hotwork, Kilnworl, Coldwork (carving, cutting, polishing)

Size/ D80 ×W122 ×H87 cm

​Year/ 2008

Graduation Works, ​Completed the Advanced Research Studies Program, Toyama Institute of Glass Art

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