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Dazzling Scenery  眩景 

​Kurobe City Art Museum 黒部市美術館

I lived in Toyama for 4 years to learn glass at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art.

And I was fascinated by the rich water, colorful sunset and

the majestic view of Mt.Tateyama all the time.


However, this beautiful place has a background of Itai-Itai disease and soil pollution caused by high economic growth.

They were deprived of the place where the ancestral generations have been handed down and many precious lives by pollution.

How sad and painful they were…


I thought that I might be able to catch the sadness of this place by taking the photo of Toyama's scenery.

Every time I released the shutter, the scenery that they have loved and grew, people, the workings of nature and their wishes accumulated in my mind as dazzling things.


その間、私は豊かな水 ・ 色鮮やかな夕焼け ・ 立山がそびえる壮大な景色に、いつも心奪われていた。


しかしながら、この美しい場所は、高度経済成長によって引き起こされた イタイイタイ病 と 土壌汚染 という背景を抱えている。






この眩いものたちを、私は “眩景” と名づけることにした。

Material/ Paper

Technique/ Ink jet printing

Size/ D21×W29.7, D14.8×W21 cm

​Year/ 2015

Exhibitions/ Kurobe City Art Museum,Toyama (2015)


Kurobe City,Toyama City (2015)

"Dazzling scenery" is still continues as my own life work.

It was exhibited along with glass works, books (Kiyoshi Oka "Syunyou Jyuwa" and Arata Tendo"The Mourner" etc.) at Takashimaya Art Gallery this spring.

現在も自身のライフワークとして、 「眩景」を続けている。

今春、高島屋でガラス作品、本(岡 潔「春宵十話」天童 荒太「悼む人」等)と共に展示をした。

Material/ Paper

Technique/ Ink jet printing

Size/ D21×W29.7, D14.8×W21 cm

​Year/ 2017

Exhibitions/ Takashimaya Art Gallery, Shinjuku (2017)

​       新宿高島屋美術画廊(2017) 

​Takayama, Gifu (2015-)

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